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This is Dream Catch Publishing’s flagship publishing service.   This may be important to you as an author, business owner, or individual who desires to Catch Ur Vision,” known as CUV.

If you are like most people, you may find it challenging to imagine something you have never experienced.  How can you capture your vision and allow it to imprint within your mind if you can’t imagine a thing?  Dream Catch Publishing has the answer.  We create your story, including exhilarating graphics that allow your mind to capture your vision as an experience it believes it has previously had.  When the mind comprehends an experience, it will accept it as truth and begin working to manifest that experience in your world. This works for your business and personal goals. Our CUV package illustrates and presents an experience imprinted upon your subconscious mind. Your desire and the picture imprinted upon your mind will travel upon the feeling of love and cause what you impressed upon the mind to manifest in your world.  Why?  Because you have convinced your subconscious mind that it is true.  It has been said that what a mind can believe … it can achieve. We provide the stimulus to help your mind conceive the desired experience so that it may be birthed into your world.

Whether creating your story or writing a script to Capture Ur Vision, you will be amazed at what is achieved when the mind believes.

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CUV Package

Below is a sample of a created CUV Package. Your package includes:

The tools in your CUV package allow the subconscious to See you in your story, Hear your story, and Read and imprint a story about you.